Sometimes, Instant is Good.

A quick post, for a quick biscuit. This one might not be new to you, but when has familiarity ever been an issue with a cookie?If you have a bottle of peanut butter, some sugar, an egg and a sweet hit has to come out of the oven in 20 minutes, then these babies are the contenders for the job. About as instant as home made biscuits get, this is kid’s work. You just beat the ingredients together, roll into small balls and bake. Throw in chocolate chips, or a bit of cocoa powder (not to much or it will dry out the mix), chocolate chips, leave plain, or roll in demerera sugar for a bit of crunch. I love a chewy cookie, and so, I rapped the baking sheet on the kitchen counter twice, sharply, to deflate the cooked cookies. They were perfect, crackly and chewy. The real bonus, is that these are gluten-free.

I got the recipe from Gluten-free Girl. There is a mouth watering good chocolate version featured on this sassy lassie, Jacqui’s blog too and that will be my next pit stop.

These should come with a warning! As I wrote on facebook, I had one as soon as it came out of the oven, for testing purposes. Then a second, when it was cool enough to handle to check texture. A third, when completely cold, to get a proper idea of taste and texture. A fourth, you know, just to make sure. By the fifth, I gave up trying to justify my greed. I baked these Thursday afternoon. By Friday morning, the tin lay empty.

Which brings me nicely, to my next bit of news. I’ve finally got my blog on Facebook. To say that I am addicted to FB is an understatement but I love the instant communication of it all, and the community that naturally develops. It’s one of the few areas where instant, is good, is what makes it tick.  I would never have picked up a camera to take shots of food I cooked, if there wasn’t the interest and encouragement from those folk. This blog is the result of Jodie’s and Thanh’s dogged, good-hearted perseverance in convincing me to book my nook in cyber space. And they were right, I do love it. Every single part.

What I am hoping for is that the FB page becomes an extension of the community that has come together on this blog. I’ve had a fair few laughs and chuckles with you and I’d like for that conversation to continue uninterrupted, without the limitations of posts. After all, it’s you, the ones that take the time to listen to my ramblings, that gives this blog life.

So here, is where I am on Facebook and I hope I see you there!

18 thoughts on “Sometimes, Instant is Good.

  1. on thehomefrontandbeyondl

    I LOVE THESE COOKIES – because I do not belive in recipes with more than 5 ingredients – I always add chocolate chips though–and got the original recipe from the back of a peanut butter jar -glad you shared it cause they are so easy and so good

    1. The Patterned Plate

      They are easy and good, too much so! Now you have piqued my interest – no recipes with more than 5 ingredients? That wipes out most of the Asian cuisine then! Funnily enough my mother isn’t a fan of a long ingredients list of a recipe, not from a cooking perspective, but from a health point of view..

  2. Rushi!

    I’ve been craving for these cookies and I have a batch in my oven right now, must dash into the kitchen to add a few choco chips to the remaining mix 😉 These cookies are perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth and it’s such an easy peasy recipe 🙂 One teeny question please say that you’ll be continuing your blog, not a big fan of fb,,,,

      1. Rushi!

        Oh thank heavens! I though I’d have to move to FB (seriously considering it though). Yup the cookies are fab, I mean double fab and it’s all over. Hubby has been having them as midnight snacks me thinks 🙂 Must make a few more 😀

  3. Hazzer

    Making these right now. My gluten free friend is coming over for arvo tea, these cookies will be spot on. Beaut blog and photos as usual.X

    1. The Patterned Plate

      I think this would work with crunchy too….if that’s what you have. The only downfall I can see is whether the cookie will hold together in baking, but if you allow it to cool on the tin for 5-10 minutes, it should be alright.

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