A Sweet Thing for Sweet Things

How can you say no to a wedding cake for a children’s school play? How cute an idea is that! Aladdin, like in all good stories, marries Jasmine (well, in the Disney version) and of course, there must be cake. To cut on stage, and to share in the celebrations after. I like the fact, that the kids are getting a home baked, E-number free, no nasties, no trans fats cake.

Being that it had to be eaten by kids, the safest route is vanilla. This is a light, fluffy, vanilla cake, the crumb made tender and moist by the addition of buttermilk. The frosting is my current favourite, Swiss Meringue Buttercream. It was slapped between the two halves of the cake as well as around the sides. I splurged a bit on a Wilton cake combing set, and tried, as best as possible to get a neat ‘comb’ running round the cake. It does take a knack I think and the icing can’t be too soft. I feel my efforts could be called shabby chic at best! It was however, that very quality that made it rather appropriate for the occasion.

During a chat with baker pal extraordinaire Mhairi, she suggested the posy of the tiniest, duo toned, pink, utterly pretty roses at the very top of the cake. I followed through and piped the edges with the same icing and nozzle in a wee star shape. I think the effect is simple, a celebration cake, but one that isn’t over servicing it’s position. That’s my justification at least!

This was a whole heap of fun to do! I have a couple of more cake requests for the end of the month and already, I can’t wait! There is something wonderfully therapeutic about baking in general but decorating particularly, no matter what the outcome. At the end of the day, my hands made it and that’s the wonder of it all!

73 thoughts on “A Sweet Thing for Sweet Things

  1. Jo Blogs

    How elegant Carrie! I love how it’s identical in texture to your Emma Conran cake stand! Very nice styling indeed ;). That’s ine heck of an extravagant school though! You can just imagine the Sara Lee or Asda’sFinest you’d get over here lololol! Of course, if they’re willing to pay, how can you say no? πŸ˜‰

  2. Hannah

    Oh Carrie that is simply stunning! So elegant! InΓ¨s saw it and said she wanted exactly that for her birthday cake…..gulp ….at least I have 3 months to practice! I clicked on the Swiss Meringue buttercream link but nothing came up, is it me or the link?

    1. The Patterned Plate

      It’s super easy to do really Hannah and actually, I think it looks better for the buttercream to not be absolutely flawless…its a visual texture thing, I think. You’ll do this and more, easily!

      As for the link, it was working this morning, but the site seems to be down. Try again later on or in a few days, the problem is on their site. Shame.

      1. The Patterned Plate

        Oh, Jodie has a SMBC recipe on her blog too, which you can peruse in the meantime. The link I have goes to the sweetapolita site, where there are step-by-step photos showing the entire process and was just brilliant for me.

        1. Hannah

          Thanks, will check out the link later and see Jodie’s one too. Did you do the roses with the same stuff?

  3. Amrita

    Absolutely beautiful and those are some pretty perfect layers there! Did you assemble the layers after icing both of them separately? Kids these days are so lucky. All we had when I was in school plays were fake props πŸ˜›

  4. Sarvani @ baker in disguise

    Oh my .. what an absolutely beautiful and elegant cake!! shabby chic??? there’s nothing shabby about this one!! and those roses are becoming your trademark!! very professional indeed!!! the white with the pink.. soo soo elegant!! love the shade of pink… u’ve really taken to cake decoration.. u have talent!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Irene Smith

    Hi. Carrie – Brilliant cake – The roses are simply stunning. Hope I’ll be getting one like this for my birthday in December!!!!! This could be a good business venture for you – Your own pocket money and lots of baking things to buy f rom Lakeland!!!! Well done – Love Irene xxxx

    1. The Patterned Plate

      Aww thanks Irene!!!! I would love to move this further, but no such plans at the moment…in the mean time I like having the chance to practice. But oh Lakeland…I can dream in the meantime!

  6. Rushi!

    I’d kill to be a kid in that school just for the cake πŸ™‚ Carrie you an absolute wizard, that cake is perfect – so dainty, so pretty and so so flawless! I love the big pink roses, I love everything about that cake, I’m guessing they’re the ones you did on the thank you cake. Can I have a cake like that for my anniversary? πŸ˜‰

  7. girlinafoodfrenzy

    Utterly beautiful, I think those children will use your cake as the pinnacle for all fine things once they’ve seen this. The Little girls will be dreaming of Swiss meringue buttercream and pink posies for years to come!

  8. complynn

    While I agree the cake is beautiful, I am especially curious about what happens on stage as they try to cut it! Will you share the follow-up story?

    1. The Patterned Plate

      As I understand it, the bride and groom only cut into it on stage, amidst cheers and claps and such like, but don’t risk actually get a slice out! The cake was then taken back to the hall, to be cut and shared amongst the budding actors and actresses πŸ˜‰

  9. nkemdilim

    Caroline! I am physically restraining myself from sinking my teeth into the screen of my iPad! The cake is simply beautiful and I am willing to bet that it’s scrummylicious too!

    1. The Patterned Plate

      I hate to disappoint, but not much! Amongst a lot of cheers and claps and whistles and such like, the cake was cut, curtains were drawn. Then it was taken back to the hall to be served to all the play participants :-))

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  11. NYinRome

    Awwwww…….how sweet. Really really…..youve certainly evoked a child’s idea of romantic in this cake Carrie. From the colors to the teeny tiny posies …. Lovely. Glad you are enjoying and practicing…..

  12. Jenny

    Hey stranger how are you? That cake looks amazing…..have of course been following your blogs and all the amazing stuff you’ve been making. You’re obviously well known for your culinary skills over there and putting it to good use with all your amazing cakes. I want a slice! Hope to see you in Aberdeen soon….any plans for a trip home?

  13. Meenakshi

    Whoever called vanilla ‘plain’ clearly was not using all their senses! What a beautiful looking cake. And the posies are so dainty.

    1. The Patterned Plate

      Hahah! Would you believe I was one of them? But come on, you might have a good idea of what constituted a vanilla cake amongst Indians…shudder. Same with trifle..scarred for life! It’s only after I started baking myself, using proper vanilla, that the lightbulb went on. πŸ™‚

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